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whisper off Date: Jun 21st @ 10:15am EDT
My lovely Gentleman ... From this time i will blocked whisper function , because i want you talk with other guys too .. i bet thats will be more fun :) FanClub members will have this function .. only ..I hope you will approve this and will not shy type in free chat ..
Hehe :) Date: May 14th @ 11:04am EDT
Hello my sweet ! I want to share the events of this remarkable morning. I decided a bit earlier to go on work, but overslept and was to cause a taxi. Came смс and I made haste to the exit. At an entrance I was waited by white Хендай, and after a helm... Мммммм! Young beautiful fellow! Oh, he was simply ideal! Strong chin, beautiful nose, brutal bristle and sexual voice! All road I admired by him, blessing from a back seat it can be done remorselessly! In the fantasies I caressed a language his strong neck, started fingers in light brown hair and went down kisses below! I so wanted that he took in an armful my hair and planted my sponges on the athlete... Reached without corks... Unfortunately he took from me only money. When I went out a machine my panties were on through wet! All good mood and successful
:) Date: Mar 31st @ 6:11pm EDT
There was a time when many girls they allegedly wrote lesbians ( like my neighbor ) and the like . And there was no feedback. ) What a girl wants a girl ( I think this is normal. And it does not necessarily mean that I'm a lesbian ! Ugly it seems only to those who perceive it so. And if a girl pulls on his roommate it does not mean that it night pounce and will examine you in the shower or while dressing . think this slight turbidity which can succumb ! I succumbed ( no it is not a neighbor ) ! I do not deny , would not refuse again :) But I do not call myself a lesbian ! I'm still drooling on the male body! This wonderful hormones and desires ! Love each other :) your Sophie
fantasy mmm Date: Mar 21st @ 1:02pm EDT
Games blindfolded.
Morning , we wake up in each other's arms . He gently strokes my back, kisses her neck, feel his erection. I pull back , jump out of bed and walk over to the closet. - "I have an idea , I want to try it ." He smiles and says yes. In my hands black satin ribbon, I sit down on top of him , so that would be my pussy lightly touches his penis. And fasten his belt eyes . Blindfolded and completely naked , he looks incredibly sexy. I eagerly and passionately kiss on the lips , bite his chin , kiss his neck , caress his nipples until they become hard , go down the track Kisses below outline the sharp tongue of his navel and here I already feel its resilient member at his neck . I lick his head , wet kisses to the testicles descend . Take in her mouth and left testicle slowly and gently suck , but then retracts it and massaging tight-lipped . Just a little longer but I caress his right testicle . Tongue slips between the testicles. And my tongue rises along its stone members to the head, tip of my tongue , I stroked his head , then I start to lick her , kiss and then I was sucking his head , with each slow movement of letting member in her mouth deeper . At first, my movement is very slow , I affectionately suck and lick tongue. I stroked his hand and his testicles and rolling . Then begin to suck faster and impacting lips , I hear him moaning that I have strong winds all the current . I feel like he is close to orgasm, but I did not give it to finish strongly slowing then speeding up again my movements. Stay . He groans and asks to continue .
I want it badly . I sit on, kiss him and thrust the his penis into itself. I feel like he would not be constrained by that finish. I thrust it deep and stay that every cell would feel his big dick inside and his head throbbing thrusting deeper . He firmly takes me by the hips and starts to move in me , pulled me out of groans. He teases me, almost leaving , then digging . I feel like electric shocks running through my body , I feel like an orgasm brewing as languishing reduces the fingers and toes . He quickens the pace and moves roughly in me. And holding my hips without giving slow . I bending sitting on it, I feel like his penis swollen , feel like an orgasm approaching us . We mourn , we shiver , I am sick of the desire to cum and feel his hot cum in itself. Faster speed , I scream louder , he squeezes me stronger .... and we ended up ! Paralyzes me this, I froze and the only thing I feel is his sperm inside. I fall helplessly on his chest. Current through the body runs , his hands stroking my back , I'm on his breath and heartbeat . My pussy aches and asks for more , I feel what it is moist and the sperm slowly flows out of me. I shoot with a bandage.
Sweet stories Mist )muuaahhh (yr Blonde)
hello my Date: Feb 16th @ 4:19am EST
Hi everyone, I'm here with you so long !) But this was not anything to write , but today happened to me an interesting story . And so, drove! For a long time I strongly wanted to fuck friend , high blue-eyed brunette sports , in general, all the parameters . But dared not because of any moral principles that , although he was not opposed and jump from topic . Although he was on me at the slightest caress and sizes he had seen that was decent through his pants . More than once we were with him wild passions all clothes at home but did not reach the main . But today, a miracle happened ! Hut was empty as well, and not to use it ?) We GOING there. When is the last time we went to talk with him in the room. at first we were just lying in the arms , and I had in my head spinning with the most violent scenes porn . He understood everything in my sight and began to run his strong hands com my pants and shirt underneath , and I know its sore spots climbed to the left side of the neck , oh yeah ! As he passionately began to sigh ! I immediately realized that this time will not fail . Pushing him on the bed , I straddled him and started kissing every inch . And then I got to his cock. He was in all readiness , I started doing him a blowjob and sighs moans replaced . But he did not give up and did not want to go further , and since this is me dtained I pressed his hands and began again to all his patients points and after all these struggles as he surrendered ! So fast that I thought section sever all . And then the fun began , it was impossible to wear a condom so that I was surprised , too, had put on the second , but he started to tease me and save time , her fingers began to play with my pussy , fingering clit and came inside and quickly moved them , and then clit again and so a couple of minutes of pleasure while I'm not tired . I straddled him again .experienced such a feeling that not even describe , never happened ? everything was in sync our movements and kisses and then I decided to change position after 5 minutes , and look sperm . What I WAS HAVE SHOCK BUT say nothing. I say that in the case and what are you kidding me and then he gives the that killed me , turururu drumroll . THIS IS MY FIRST TIME THAT YOU WANT FROM ME ? I 20 thinking minutes he was joking . So was the whole reason for that is the quote: " I did not want to do it with some sort of whores , although proposals came a bunch and I'm very glad that I did it with you," the guy 20 years old, what would you not think that this is what- then snotty schoolboy . And although my gorgeous fantasies were not justified , I was glad this situation. We lay in the arms and happy in spite of everything was so very best !
Guys do not hesitate to his inexperience , everything comes with time ) )
All the affection of love and sex : 3
welcome me:) Date: Sep 22nd @ 1:06pm EDT
Hello guys, its my first day here:) and i wish to get and give the best impression;-)
welcome me and welcome you in my room

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